Fifth Edition

Pepperdine Courses

Two Pepperdine courses use the Computer Systems text. CoSc 330, Computer Systems, covers chapter 1–7, and CoSc 425, Computer Organization, covers chapters 10–12. The current Pepperdine course pages provide syllabi, assignment sets, lecture slides, and other resources.


A paper on the Pep/8 symbolic memory trace feature from the 2010 ACM SIGCSE conference.

A paper on the Pep/8 CPU simulator from the 2007 ACM SIGCSE conference.

Programs from Text

Programs from the text are available via copy/paste for the fifth-edition Pep/9 apps.

For your convenience, here are all the programs packaged in a zip file.

Digital Logic Labs

Here is a set of digital logic labs that can be used with either the fourth or fifth edition of the text.

They are based on the 7400 series TTL chips and include the data sheets of each part.

Lecture Slides

Here are complete sets of lecture slides in PDF format. The sets in Keynote and PowerPoint format are available from the publisher’s Web site. The slides include every figure from from the text and additional slides with bullet point summaries.

Documentation for Exam Handouts

Here is reference documentation that can be supplied to students during exams. It includes specifications for Pep/9 and MIPS.